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Tell me about yourself

Who are you? What makes you YOU? What defines you?

Tell me three things that you LOVE (the ones your best friend would identify with you immediately)

What's your favorite city? Why?

Favorite book?

Favorite movie of all times?

Favorite TV show?

Favorite band?

What do you like to do in your free time?

Tell me about your Brand

Why do you do what you do? Why does your business exist?

How did you get started in business? Tell me the story!

How do you want to be perceived by your customers?

Give me 3 adjectives, and 3 emotions
What do you sell?

What are your brand's colors? Why? (is there a story behind them?)

Tell me about your ideal clients and your best customers

Who is your ideal client? Describe him or her in as much detail as possible

Where does she shop?

Where does she read?

What does she watch on TV?

What does she fear?

Why does she need your products?

Why does she choose you and no one else?

How does she hope her life will change after using your products?

Tell me about your photos

Why do you need photos?

Why is having great photos important for you?

Where would you use the photos?

Eg: Website header, website slider, graphics. I'm asking this question to determine whether you'll need any specific dimensions that I should consider when styling
Will you need to print the photos? If so, what color profile do you need them to be?

In which social media platform will you advertise the photos? Should some photos adapt to specific dimensions or formats?

Which colors should be present in your photos (if any)?

Are there any objects that you'd rather NOT see in photos?

Other than with photos, how else can I help you? Is there anything else that frustrates you about photography or your visual presence or visual marketing?

Thank you so much for filling the questionnaire. Please click the submit button below so I can receive your answers. If you'd be willing to have a 15 minute chat with me about your ideal photos, please leave your email address below.

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